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Loved by some, hated by others, subject of many songs of our time, money seems to be what makes the world spin. Is it?

ActualityIgnite Algarve

It’s funny. When doing evil, people always plan.
And if we look in the movies, the ones about robberies… in those movies everything is planned in detail.


Três empreendedores: um gestor, um marketeer e um psicólogo para falar sobre dinheiro, comunicação e sucesso. Um kit anti-crise com muitas ideias sobre como gerir melhor os recursos da empresa, comunicar melhor com o cliente e superar os medos que nos bloqueiam!

ActualityIgnite AlgarveSocial Transformation

Faro has amazing things for which we fall in love.
Faro has things like that had not.
Are we going to contemplate ones and leave the others behind our back?


Curious fact: 500 years ago a man challenged the corrupt religious system in Europe. The countries that embraced that thinking are prosperous today. The ones that didn’t are corrupt and in bailout.

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How do we integrate God in the functioning of an organisation?