Arão Guerreiro

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My speech at Ignite Algarve in São Brás de Alportel.


You are packed with potential!

ActualitySocial Transformation

In an event such IgniteAlgarve where people want to promote the initiative it is normal to talk about the actions that should be taken in order to achieve success. People speak about the five rules to venture, the 10 steps… Continue Reading…

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It is curious to watch the “needs” of the different actors of current Western society we live in. Younger people want everything to be given to them, because they are young. Older people ask to be spoiled at all, because… Continue Reading…

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I have a dream. I am sure you have one too. If not, think of something that makes you restless, something that extremely touches you or something that affects you more that anything else. That particular thing is continuously itching inside, it is like a hunger…

Written articles

Does Church exist because we have meetings, or we have meetings because we are Church…?


Houve em Março passado uma manifestação com focos por todo o país com o objectivo de protestar por vários direitos como o da educação, do emprego, do fim da precariedade e do reconhecimento das qualificações através dos salários. Eu não… Continue Reading…