Who I am

What are dreams for if not to come true? I live to venture my dreams and help you to venture yours.

My name is Arão Guerreiro. I’m a young man passioned about marketplace leadership and business is my mission’s field.
The best description for my personal mission is to bless others helping them to venture their dreams and ideas in order to create an impact around them. I defined this occupation as (Ad)Venturer. It’s always an adventure to venture new ideas and bring them to reality. My experience is related to Start-up creation and coaching new entrepreneurs in several fields of activity.

I graduated in Business Management from the University of Algarve’s Faculty of Economics. I worked in business development in the Real Estate sector and, on completion of my degree, in the biotech spin-off leader in Spain, Cellerix.
Because of my entrepreneur restlessness and desire to specialize my training in this area, I took an MBA at IE Business School, in Madrid, where I chose the vocation in Entrepreneurial Management. Recently, I added to my studies the Financial Leadership Course of Crown Financial Ministries in Guatemala City.

Later, I joined the launch of Innovative Bioconsulting, a company specialized in supporting business creation and management of strategic areas in recently established companies in the biotech sector in Madrid.
I am founding partner at RUIZGALLARDO – Consultores de Negocio, experts in business consulting and business advisory.
I’ve been a volunteer tutor in the program Jóvenes Changemakers in Ashoka’s Foundation and speaker in leadership courses for university students in Madrid’s Ignition Group. I am a frequent speaker at the motivational and sharing ideas events Ignite Algarve.

Then I moved to Angola to work as a business consultant and launched several new businesses under the FEMAFOA group. The good thing is that I found the part of the Globe which will experience the fasted growth during the next years. So with some good friends we started a few entrepreneur ventures: LAMININ, a market acceleration consulting firm. KEPYA, a marketplace platform for farm products. BONSAE, a modern rice farm. In Portugal, I’m also part of Soulful Bikes, a motorbike rentals and tours company.

Life has taught me many lessons and they’re only useful if I’m able to share them and put them into practice. Companies are all about people and people do amazing things while they follow servant leaders.
In the end, it’s all about the dreams!

If you want to check my background, please do it in my LinkedIn account.